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Group Medical Supply: Diabetic Supplies, Syringes, Pill Cases, Frio Wallets, Insulin Cases


Our Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We are not in business to sell your information to others. We do, however, use your information to help personalize your shopping experience throughout our stores. We may also use non-identifying information (no names, addresses, emails, phone number, etc.. ) with our advertisers to show you ads that are relevant to you. We have to share certain information, such as your address, with our shipping partners UPS and USPS. We use your email address to contact you about issues with orders or promotions.


We take this very seriously. In today’s age of online shopping, identity theft is occurring at all-time high rates. We have incorporated many technological resources to protect your data from being stolen while you are shopping with us. Your information is secure with us. Not once in the history of our company has any one of our customer's information been stolen from us.